Mai 2012

new phone

Jeg klarte knuse skjermen p min hvite samsung galaxy II her om dagen (jeg ble knust inni meg), og siden den m p rep. trenger jeg en backup tlf. Men problemet er at vi ikke har noen tlf hjemme ...
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My weekend in pictures! Had a super awesome weekend with my friends and that feeling when you know you have damn good real friends that you can trust!I hope you guys had a great weekend like I did....
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our camera is dead

Hay guys! It has been a few days without blogging, hope you don't mind. :) Today i finally realized that it sucks to not have our Nikon camera here to take a few shots or record anything. I don't ...
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Science, let's get to know each other!

Having the oral exam in two days, so I gotta read all day and night... :( Sometimes I wonder where my mind goes everytime I have class, cause I really can't remember a single thing about this theme...
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Good saturday!

Good morning, cupcakes!Been sleeping for only 2hours tonight... We didn't go to bed before 08AM this morning... and the worst of all I colored my hair at 06AM this morning, and it ended up failed.....
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a day without internet is like a year without food

sorry for my trying-to-be-cool-headline, but seriously. I didn't do anything productive all day because we lost our internet connection.So I really enjoyed my PE class today, when I actually hateee...
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Because of you.

Miyoung said that I had to blog something, so here is my first post!! I hope you guys will like our blog and don't forget to comment <3 Been home from school today, didn't sleep much last night...
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Before I die....

love youngster
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Dip Dye

What do you guys think about dip dye? I always wanted dip dye, but I never thought about myself doing it. Mom is always so sceptical everytime I ask her about dyeing my hair, but this time she thou...
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Lame headline, yes..I'm going to get ready for my presentation in English today for all the parents from 10th grade.. How come that sentence come out weird... anywaydigging myself with food right n...
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fun with photobooth; marifat, steffen, casper and anders. funfunfunlove youngster
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ESCADA PERFUMES, Limited Edition!

It has seriously been a very long day today. I had trade day in science and I could barely open my eyes. They started to close and I had to force my eyes to stay wide up.After a long day Kristine, ...
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It's almost summer vacation... ALREADY

Oh lord, like how the times fly. I thought that this season would be very stressful for me with all the exams, tests and mom&dad's party. As i did not expect everything went pretty much smoothly. B...
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Viva La Vida

19, Skedsmo

Hei. Vi er to ssken som elsker alt fra mat til mote. Vi elsker reise og bare oppleve nye ting, og ta leve hverdag som gr. Hper dere vil like bloggen vr, og det er alltid koselig med en liten hilsen. xoxo - Viva La Vida Follow us on twitter @ LMLEHL og LinnAshi