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our camera is dead

Hay guys! It has been a few days without blogging, hope you don't mind. :)

Today i finally realized that it sucks to not have our Nikon camera here to take a few shots or record anything.
I don't get why itsn't working, the camera don't want to turn on. Well yeah, I've been taking it to service once and this is the second time so I hope that it'll work after this.

Didn't do anything productive today, woke up late because I don't have school. Kristine, Ronja and TK came over to record our music project and then TK and I stayed at home made pancakes. Had a lot of fun with my photobooth, sang a little bit too loud and danced a lot. Also skyped with my little sister!

very cool photobooth pictures... hehehe

love youngster

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a day without internet is like a year without food

sorry for my trying-to-be-cool-headline, but seriously. I didn't do anything productive all day because we lost our internet connection.
So I really enjoyed my PE class today, when I actually hateee PE. We had baseball and I loveee playing baseball, unfortunatelymy joints are very weak in my legs I could not run...
I slept during the whole day even though I had an appointment, but because mom needed help, I gave her a hand.

My tummy also hurts right now, and it's always like this.. Just got to live with it. Going to the airport soon! Starbucks here I come!

love youngster
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Before I die....

love youngster

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Lame headline, yes..
I'm going to get ready for my presentation in English today for all the parents from 10th grade.. How come that sentence come out weird... anyway
digging myself with food right now and have to practice even more for the presentation!

wish me good luck..

love youngster

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fun with photobooth; marifat, steffen, casper and anders. funfunfun

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ESCADA PERFUMES, Limited Edition!

It has seriously been a very long day today. I had trade day in science and I could barely open my eyes. They started to close and I had to force my eyes to stay wide up.
After a long day Kristine, Ronja and TK came to my house to do a music project; where we have to produce our own music and lyric. We were done producing so what we had left was to record it.
Well at first we thought it would be easy and only take at least one hour, but no. Making pizza, chatting and fooling around included into the hours and laughing like donkeys while recording is not the best..
At least we got it all done!

Got a happy text from Linna today about that we got the Escada perfumes from mom today, the new ones I guess. Those are limited edition so I'm glad to have them and they also smell SO NICE!
They both were wrapped in gift papers so we had to choose while we didn't which was whom.
Luckily, I chose the one that I wanted! SEXY GRAFFITI

love youngster

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It's almost summer vacation... ALREADY

Oh lord, like how the times fly. I thought that this season would be very stressful for me with all the exams, tests and mom&dad's party. As i did not expect everything went pretty much smoothly. Because we were parted in to three subjects english, norwegian and math, my class was lucky enough to get the english subject! Because of that we didn't need to be at school for almost two weeks!
The best thing of all, the sun was shining for the whole week! It was at least 32 degrees outside!

Even though I had a short vacation from school, I had to help mom with her party. It was my mom and dad's 20-years anniversary.

The party went perfectly fine. Even though they are such an old couple now, they are still cute as ever!

love youngster

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New start.


Vi begge har blogget tidligere, men gtt veldig fort lei, s vi kom til at vi kanskje kunne ha en blogg sammen. Der vi begge kunne skrive og oppdatere nr den andre var lei... S slapp vi med blogge konstant nr vi ikke flte for det. S vi hper dere vil like det vi kommer til blogge om!

- vivalaavida

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Viva La Vida

19, Skedsmo

Hei. Vi er to ssken som elsker alt fra mat til mote. Vi elsker reise og bare oppleve nye ting, og ta leve hverdag som gr. Hper dere vil like bloggen vr, og det er alltid koselig med en liten hilsen. xoxo - Viva La Vida Follow us on twitter @ LMLEHL og LinnAshi