I'm too lazy..

25.07.2012 kl.12:04 i Miyoung    0 kommentarer

In about a few hours I'm going to meet someone, and I'm not even dressed. Too lazy, I just want to stay at home and chill out. I don't need to put on make up anyway so, it will take a few minutes to get dressed, hopefullyyyyy. 

So far of the day, I woke up 9 AM for nothing. Laying in my bed checking instagram and didn't do anything productive. In fact through this summer, I haven't done anything productive at all. I'm going to ask my sister to go with me, so we can at least do something, maybe go to the cinema and watch a movie. I have a ticket for 25kr, haha. Gotta use it..

I just wanted sandwich today, so I made myself a regular sandwich with salad, mayonnaise, cucumber, butter and ham. I can't believe I drank pure milk... 

 love youngster

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