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My friend Trinh is going to study a high school year abroad in the US this year, so I came to her house just to visit her before she leaves. She is going to leave tomorrow early, and I am not going to see her for a year. Since I did not do anything productive at all yesterday, I had to clean the kitchen and in the bathroom before I left. I also have something that is making my days terrible, and it's because my tummy aches so much. It hurts so much that sometimes I really want to cry and can't move at all!
Mom said she was going to do some kind of stuff tomorrow, I don't know what, but she said that it was going to make the aches go away. Just gotta cross my fingers and hope that it will go away.

Well yeah, camwhored.

And here is my OOTD, very casual.

Love youngster

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ste bilder:)

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