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.. Well, as you guys can tell we are really bad bloggers. I am not going to come with tons of excuses, because I have just been very lazy lately while my sister is working. Wished I also had a job so I could at least earn some money, but no one needs me.. Nothing has been going on lately either, a totally boring, grey and rainy summer here. I don't even have the summer feeling, especially with this kind of rain everyday and night. It really sucks.

Anyway, for not too long ago i participated on something called RUNNING WOMAN. It is just like a korean show Running man, but this time it was called running woman. Search it on google.haha
We were about seven people with korean name tags, running all around Oslo in every single store from Jernbanetorget to Arkaden. We had to go in every single store and search for some people that would give us some hints for our second round. Man, it really has been a long time since I've been running, and that my knees were also hurt. Still nothing stopped me from running and having fun. We got all our three hints and went for our next round where we were supposed to find some kinderegg balls, and in the balls there were a few numbers that we needed to open up a luagge at Jernbanetorget. So from Akerbrygge we had to run back to Oslo S, find a luggage ans open it up. I was the first one to find the ball, but somebow I didn't get what I was supposed to do, so I lost. It wasn't so important for me to win, but it was fun. At the same time when we came back, we found out that there was a Zombie Walk parade. I was seriously scared to death, they looked seriously real.

Our name tags! Katherine, Cathy, Miyoung and TK :)

This was taken after we were done.

And suddenly tons of zombies appeard. I thought I was going to die, because I really hate seeing blood..

love youngster

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