our camera is dead

14.06.2012 kl.00:30 i Blogg    0 kommentarer

Hay guys! It has been a few days without blogging, hope you don't mind. :)

Today i finally realized that it sucks to not have our Nikon camera here to take a few shots or record anything.
I don't get why itsn't working, the camera don't want to turn on. Well yeah, I've been taking it to service once and this is the second time so I hope that it'll work after this.

Didn't do anything productive today, woke up late because I don't have school. Kristine, Ronja and TK came over to record our music project and then TK and I stayed at home made pancakes. Had a lot of fun with my photobooth, sang a little bit too loud and danced a lot. Also skyped with my little sister!

very cool photobooth pictures... hehehe

love youngster

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Hei. Vi er to ssken som elsker alt fra mat til mote. Vi elsker reise og bare oppleve nye ting, og ta leve hverdag som gr. Hper dere vil like bloggen vr, og det er alltid koselig med en liten hilsen. xoxo - Viva La Vida Follow us on twitter @ LMLEHL og LinnAshi