a day without internet is like a year without food

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sorry for my trying-to-be-cool-headline, but seriously. I didn't do anything productive all day because we lost our internet connection. 
So I really enjoyed my PE class today, when I actually hateee PE. We had baseball and I loveee playing baseball, unfortunately  my joints are very weak in my legs I could not run... 
I slept during the whole day even though I had an appointment, but because mom needed help, I gave her a hand. 

My tummy also hurts right now, and it's always like this.. Just got to live with it. Going to the airport soon! Starbucks here I come!  

love youngster

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Hei. Vi er to søsken som elsker alt fra mat til mote. Vi elsker å reise og bare oppleve nye ting, og ta leve hverdag som går. Håper dere vil like bloggen vår, og det er alltid koselig med en liten hilsen. xoxo - Viva La Vida Follow us on twitter @ LMLEHL og LinnAshi