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Miyoung said that I had to blog something, so here is my first post!! I hope you guys will like our blog and don't forget to comment <3

Been home from school today, didn't sleep much last night because I was freezing all night even though I had three layers with blankets and socks on. lol
Woke up with a little headache, but after awhile it went away. Or else I've been home all day,  I actually painted a gallery today too... The sun was shining and I played some jazz music while painting and made myself homemade icecoffe, while letting my mind go smoothly without thinking and worries. It was so relaxing, just what I needed. 

xoxo LinnA 

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Viva La Vida

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Hei. Vi er to søsken som elsker alt fra mat til mote. Vi elsker å reise og bare oppleve nye ting, og ta leve hverdag som går. Håper dere vil like bloggen vår, og det er alltid koselig med en liten hilsen. xoxo - Viva La Vida Follow us on twitter @ LMLEHL og LinnAshi