three weeks left

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School is now coming up, and for summing up for what I've been doing this summer: NOTHING
What a boring summer, my parents and my little sister were in Vietnam while my sister and I stayed here in Norway. It's because I had exam when they left and I couldn't miss that, or else I would have joining them. The sad thing is that it has been raining and raining and raining and RAINING through the summer. Ok, not through this whole summer, but it has been raining a lot like these days! And because of the rain, I can't go meet my friends without getting soaked, or having a flying umbrella while going out. It is even more sad that I don't have a bus card. I hate rain, i hateeeee it.

posting some old pics. this was during my exam, couldn't concentrate AT ALL. heh

love youngster

I thought I made a post

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So yes, like what I wrote on my headline I seriously thought that I already had posted a post (?) ..
Am I turning crazy because I have been inside too much? I just can't think straight any longer. lol
I woke up and started to clean the house, washed the toilets and did nothing more than watching Sex and the City SEASON 1! Yep, starting all over again.
My tummy stil aches, and I have no idea why because I'm not in my period now and I use to get like period cramps, but this is not. :(

Took a picture yesterday, I was not sure if I wanted to post this picture or not because it looks weird. but whatever. lololol

love youngster

cant waaaaaaaaaalk

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So I mentioned that I was going out with my bestfriend and little sister, and finally got to meet someone to exchange things.
We got us a creamy caramel frappuccino, and talked about a lot of stuff. It has been a while we have been gossiping so, we had fun doing that! haha
After our frappuccino, we went around shopping and I found myself a perfecting powder. I have been looking EVERYWHERE just to find myself an inexpensive powder so I won't need to spend a lot of money on that. So I kind of decided to find different powders and try out.
The headline describes my situation atm, I can't walk because I walked for a long time with bad shoes... gahd it hurtsssss

Little sister and my bestfriend, TK :)

She got hungry, so I had to buy pizza hahah

love youngster

What a sunny day!

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I woke up soooo early today, for me it is very early. When I woke up I couldn't get back to sleep, because the sound of my daddy trying our new vacuum cleaner.
Made myself some breakfast, sandwich with bananas!

I also made myself this for lunch, hehehe

and then my little sister came up with WATERMELONS <3

I'm going to get ready, going to meet up with my bestfriend and I'm taking with me my little sister too.

love youngster


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Why do we always have to make stupid headlines..
Anyway, about meeting a person today.. I missed it, not really missed it, but it was because of my tummy. I seriously couldn't move and that is freaking ridiculous. It is not HUMANLY ( I don't know if that is a word or not) to have this bad aches. It is like being shot, not that I have been, but I'm imagining. heh

I don't know why, but I feel like I'm pregnant. I just want to eat everything that pops in my mind like today, I was craving for sandwich and ended up eating sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I tried to find some new dramas to watch, but I can't concentrate.... Switched to 4 different dramas, and they all were boring. :(

SANDWICH <33333333333

love youngster

I'm too lazy..

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In about a few hours I'm going to meet someone, and I'm not even dressed. Too lazy, I just want to stay at home and chill out. I don't need to put on make up anyway so, it will take a few minutes to get dressed, hopefullyyyyy.

So far of the day, I woke up 9 AM for nothing. Laying in my bed checking instagram and didn't do anything productive. In fact through this summer, I haven't done anything productive at all. I'm going to ask my sister to go with me, so we can at least do something, maybe go to the cinema and watch a movie. I have a ticket for 25kr, haha. Gotta use it..

I just wanted sandwich today, so I made myself a regular sandwich with salad, mayonnaise, cucumber, butter and ham. I can't believe I drank pure milk...

love youngster


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My friend Trinh is going to study a high school year abroad in the US this year, so I came to her house just to visit her before she leaves. She is going to leave tomorrow early, and I am not going to see her for a year. Since I did not do anything productive at all yesterday, I had to clean the kitchen and in the bathroom before I left. I also have something that is making my days terrible, and it's because my tummy aches so much. It hurts so much that sometimes I really want to cry and can't move at all!
Mom said she was going to do some kind of stuff tomorrow, I don't know what, but she said that it was going to make the aches go away. Just gotta cross my fingers and hope that it will go away.

Well yeah, camwhored.

And here is my OOTD, very casual.

Love youngster


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.. Well, as you guys can tell we are really bad bloggers. I am not going to come with tons of excuses, because I have just been very lazy lately while my sister is working. Wished I also had a job so I could at least earn some money, but no one needs me.. Nothing has been going on lately either, a totally boring, grey and rainy summer here. I don't even have the summer feeling, especially with this kind of rain everyday and night. It really sucks.

Anyway, for not too long ago i participated on something called RUNNING WOMAN. It is just like a korean show Running man, but this time it was called running woman. Search it on google.haha
We were about seven people with korean name tags, running all around Oslo in every single store from Jernbanetorget to Arkaden. We had to go in every single store and search for some people that would give us some hints for our second round. Man, it really has been a long time since I've been running, and that my knees were also hurt. Still nothing stopped me from running and having fun. We got all our three hints and went for our next round where we were supposed to find some kinderegg balls, and in the balls there were a few numbers that we needed to open up a luagge at Jernbanetorget. So from Akerbrygge we had to run back to Oslo S, find a luggage ans open it up. I was the first one to find the ball, but somebow I didn't get what I was supposed to do, so I lost. It wasn't so important for me to win, but it was fun. At the same time when we came back, we found out that there was a Zombie Walk parade. I was seriously scared to death, they looked seriously real.

Our name tags! Katherine, Cathy, Miyoung and TK :)

This was taken after we were done.

And suddenly tons of zombies appeard. I thought I was going to die, because I really hate seeing blood..

love youngster

new phone

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Jeg klarte knuse skjermen p min hvite samsung galaxy II her om dagen (jeg ble knust inni meg), og siden den m p rep. trenger jeg en backup tlf. Men problemet er at vi ikke har noen tlf hjemme som jeg kan bruke, s jeg endte med kjpe en ny, samme versjon bare i svart. Ja, hres rart ut og waste av penger right? But no, nr jeg fr tilbake den hvite, skal jeg gi bort denne svarte til pappa. He needs a new phone, sh. Han gr rundt brer p en tlf fra steinalderen. Good daugther right? YES.

Idag tidlig vknet jeg opp til en liten smhoven ansikt, for jeg lagde og spiste makroner igr, og i makroner inneholder det mandler, noe jeg ikke tler. S hehe... Mer sier vi ikke..
Planen for idag er rydde huset og lage ordentlig middag! Tror ikke jeg og Miyoung har spist ordentlig middag p nesten over en halv uke n. S siden der sndag, m det bli noe godt og ryddings i huset. For den frst kommende uken, vil bli hektisk!

Happy sunday <3 xo


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My weekend in pictures!
Had a super awesome weekend with my friends and that feeling when you know you have damn good real friends that you can trust!
I hope you guys had a great weekend like I did..

xoxo - LinnA

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